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We use the FUE METHOD in hair transplantation so that we can get successful results without trace according to more natural and futile technique. FUE TECHNIQUE: The patient's hair is shortened before the operation begins and according to hair structure and length, with the punch method chosen by our specialist, the hair follicle is clearly separated and kept in a special solution. After the operation with fue method is finished, single, double and triple roots are arranged separately, and in the operations that we specially customize, these roots will be placed more intense and natural. The next stage is the opening phase of the channels, at which minimal cuts open, these openings are in the direction of the hair and this is one of the most important parts that AFFECT THE RESULT, the opened channels will determine the naturalness of one's hair. The final stage is the transfer of hair to the bald area, after the grafts are correctly inserted into the blood vessels opened BY our expert team, after 4.8 hours of operation, the transfer process is finished.

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